Company Profile

Come close to the nature and indigenous holistic system of medicines and get rid of various ailments through ayurvedic medicines offered by Shri Yash Remedies, is the GMP approved company, engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting flawless ayurvedic remedies. In addition, we are also recognized as one of the most trustworthy natural herbal remedies manufacturer of India. We have membership of Indian Trade Promotion Organization, New Delhi and other prestigious organizations. We always intend to avail the business from reputed worldly organizations. The company has witnessed a splendid success since the day of its inception i.e. August 1995.

The profound knowledge of Vd. Dilip S. Mehta, CEO & his son Yash . D. Mehta in the field of Indian herbal medicines has also lent a helping hand so as to withstand the tough market competition as all the medicines are proved to be very effective. The company founds its success in listening to people's problem and curing them from the root  with necessary medication provided and changes in lifestyle management. The company also indulge themselves as pioneer in Third Party Manufacturing of Herbal & Ayurveda Products. The company has it root causes related to Ayurveda and believes in dealing with person on personal level. The development done in company is seeing the effect of medicine on people in market understanding the people needs. And as the company's Logo Stand as Yash The Ayurvedic People it believes in the same.


Through our ongoing R&D process, we produce very effective medicines. It is worth mentioning here what Vd.Dilip Mehta CEO of the company had submitted research paper on preparing an aqueous extract and pills from enicostemma littoral for treating Non Insulin Dependent Diabetic Mellitus patients and received award from AYUSH department, Government of India. The experts as well as the qualified staff and doctors engaged in R&D department of the company to bring forth effective medicines in resuscitation of various diseases.


All our products are packed in the medical grade non-toxic material. We keep reviewing our packaging and labeling of our products to enhance their clarity and look, for global approval.


So far as Shastrokta medicines (A medicines based on ancient science with fixed formulations) , adhering to purity and methods shown by the great "Granthas" books on Ayurveda) we have tried to keep up the dignity of such medicines to make them effective by preserving the inherent qualities.


We have about 100 such medicines. Whereas we have developed number of patent medicines of our own formulations and all of them are really proved beneficial to the human society.


The essence of our efforts is that, our products are widely accepted by the global Ayurvedic society including the hospitals, clinics and vaidyas (Ayurvedic Practitioners) and all the products are in the first row in view of their efficacy and effectiveness.


We are continuously striving to renovate the traditional methods of production maintaining the core purpose and methodology and as such given a modern touch to the system of manufacturing therapy, keeping pace with the requirement of time. The products offered by us are, as such, more and more time tested.