Vishtundak Vati_100 tabs


Vishtundak Vati_100 tabs

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·         Useful in chronic fever & general debility

·         VISHTUNDIK VATI  is an herbal medicine which is excellent nerve tonic. The main ingredient Strychnos nux-vomica is a medicine which acts on CNS.

·         VISHTINDUKADI VATI is a wonderful herbal remedy for normal functioning of the nervous system. It is a wonderful natural remedy for abdominal pain. 

·         It helps in boosting up the nervous system and gives quick relief from acute nerve pain.

Dosage :- 1-1 tabs twice a day with Milk or as directed by physician

Composition :- Shuddh kuchla, Suntha, Aamalaki (Amala), Mari, Ativisha, dhaniya, Dhav (Dhavado)

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