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  • Research & Developement

    Through our ongoing R&D process, we produce very effective medicines. We are also recognize as one of the most trustworthy natural herbal remedies manufacturer of India.

  • Packaging

    All our products are packed in the medical grade non-toxic material. We keep reviewing our packaging and labeling of our products to enhance their clarity and look, for global approval.

  • Traditional Method

    We are continuously striving to renovate the traditional methods of production maintaining the core purpose and methodology and as such given a modern touch to the system of manufacturing therapy, keeping pace with the requirement of time.

We use high quality and certified ayurvedic product Discover Holistic Healing with Shri Yash Remedies: Your Ayurvedic Partner

  • Embrace nature's remedies through GMP-approved Ayurvedic medicines from Shri Yash Remedies. A trusted name, recognized for quality and holistic healing, we've thrived since 1995. Led by Vd. Dilip S. Mehta and Yash D. Mehta, our effective medicines address ailments at the root. As pioneers in Third Party Manufacturing of Herbal & Ayurveda Products, we prioritize personal well-being and cater to individual needs. Yash The Ayurvedic People – Our logo, our belief.

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People turn to our Ayurvedic products for relief Effective Ayurvedic Innovations: Global Acceptance, Modern Methods

Our research-driven approach yields potent medicines. Vd. Dilip Mehta, our CEO, earned accolades for a diabetic remedy. Our products, packed in medical-grade materials, ensure global approval. Adhering to ancient methods, we create Shastrokta medicines with dignity. Over 100 patent medicines, validated by society, testify our efficacy. We blend tradition with modernity, crafting time-tested products.